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Your RescueMyResumes Access Request

Thank you for taking the time to request a copy of your personal data. The text below provides information  as to the data itself and its usage by  Please visit’s Privacy Policy for further information about our privacy practices.

The Categories of Personal Data We Collect and Sources 

Section 2 of our Privacy Policy outlines the categories of personal data we collect about you when you use our Site and our sources for this information. 

In the table below, you can see the categories of personal data that we collect from you. Please note that some of these categories may not apply to you because of the way in which you interact with our products and services. For example, if you are a Job Seeker and do not use our Site for any paid services, we will not have your billing information. Your copy of your personal data shows which categories apply to you. 

Our sources of personal data will vary from user to user, but may include, for example, your activity on the Site, the information that you provide as part of the account creation process, communications and materials that you request to relay to others such as messages and job applications, and publicly available third party sources such as job postings on a company’s hiring page. 

Our Purposes for Processing Your Personal Data

Section 4 of our Privacy Policy outlines the purposes for which we collect and process your personal data.  Such purposes may include, for example, creating an account on our Site, sending you job alerts and other promotional materials, giving you relevant search results and recommended jobs, and facilitating your job application process and related communications with employers. 

Disclosures of Your Personal Data

Section 4 of our Privacy Policy, also explains how we may disclose your personal data.  These disclosures may be to, for example, other affiliated entities as outlined in our Privacy Center, third party service providers, employers as part of the job application process, when a job seeker has a public resume, or where necessary for to fulfill a legal obligation. may also share your personal data as part of a transaction or proceeding explained in Section 9 of our Privacy Policy.

For California residents, please note that some recipients of these disclosures, such as’s affiliated entities, may constitute “third parties” under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and as such, a disclosure to one may constitute a “sale” under the CCPA.  For more information on’s approach to California’s “Do not sell my personal information” requirement, please visit this page.  

Our Retention of Your Personal Data retains personal data to the extent necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data are collected or processed, or as otherwise may be necessary to comply  with a legal obligation. For example, records detailing a business transaction and/or business relationship are retained for defined periods as detailed by applicable laws. Where the personal data we store no longer needs to be stored for the reasons outlined above, deletes such personal data, subject to all applicable legal requirements.

Understanding Your Personal Data

Should you request to access your personal data stored by, we will prepare a document containing your personal data. Please reference the list below to better understand the categories of data that may be returned. We collect, use and disclose each category of Personal Data listed in this table for the business purposes outlined in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy, as we also explain above in the section titled “Our Purposes for Processing Your Personal Data.”

Classification Applicable Fields Description, Sources, and Disclosures
Internal Identifiers InternalIdentifiers.ctks Internal identifiers that are based on RescueMyResumes’s own cookies. This data may be shared with our affiliates and service providers as explained further in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy.
Common PII Common.addresses
Common.identifyingPhotos Common.ipAddresses
Common.phoneNumbers Common.languageCodes
Common PII includes information unique to you, that generally identifies you. Common PII is a broad category, including information such as postal addresses, emails, identifying photos, IP addresses, device addresses, names, national IDs, and phone numbers where that information has been provided to or gathered by RescueMyResumes. These fields are sourced from your activity on our Site, such as when you create an account, upload a resume, or sign up for an alert. This data may be shared with our affiliates, service providers and employers as explained further in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy.
Job Seeker Data JobSeekerData.resumeJobHistory JobSeekerData.emailContents JobSeekerData.resumeText JobSeekerData.coverLetters JobSeekerData.licenseNumbers JobSeekerData.userDetails JobSeekerData.screenQuestionResponses JobSeekerData.userDetails JobSeekerData.educationHistory         JobSeekerData.jobHistory.title JobSeekerData.locations.admins         JobSeekerData.interests
JobSeekerData.specialties JobSeekerData.jobHistory.startDate JobSeekerData.jobHistory.endDate JobSeekerData.educationHistory.startDate JobSeekerData.educationHistory.endDate JobSeekerData.skills
JobSeekerData.industry JobSeekerData.resumes.creationDate JobSeekerData.nicknames JobSeekerData.interviews         JobSeekerData.desiredJobDetails         JobSeekerData.assessments
Job Seeker Data includes information assigned to your account when interacting with the website in the capacity as a job seeker. This includes the contents of your application materials such as resumes and cover letters as well as information that you provide when setting up your profile.This data may be shared with our affiliates, service providers, and employers as explained further in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy.
User Activity UserActivity.attachments UserActivity.JobApplyData UserActivity.jobHiredData
UserActivity.messages UserActivity.viewedJobs.title UserActivity.searchHistory UserActivity.salarySubmissions UserActivity.Filters
UserActivity.SessionData UserActivity.AccountClosure UserActivity.Rejections      
User Activity includes data associated with your activity on the RescueMyResumes website as well as messages sent and received utilizing RescueMyResumes’s platform and reviews/submissions made to RescueMyResumes. This data comes directly from your use of our Site. This data may be shared with our affiliates and service providers as explained further in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy.
Employer Data EmployerData.authorizedUsers EmployerData.billings
EmployerData.payments EmployerData.billingAddresses      EmployerData.currencies         EmployerData.nps        
Employer Data includes information assigned to your account when interacting with the website in the capacity as an employer. This includes fields such as billing and payment information. Please note that RescueMyResumes does not store complete credit card numbers and this information is not made available through this request. The source of this data is from your interaction with the site. This data may be shared with our affiliates and service providers as explained further in Section 4 of our Privacy Policy.

Your rights

In Section 10 of our Privacy Policy, we detail your user rights as well as specific steps that you can take to exercise them. These rights include the following:

Right to access your personal data

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data from

Right to correct your personal data

If any of your personal data doesn’t look right, let us know. We’d be happy to assist you in rectifying any inaccuracies. 

Right to delete your personal data

You have a right to delete your personal data. Deletion requests will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws. Please note that by requesting the deletion of your personal data, you will not be able to use this email address to create a account in the future. 

Right to restrict/object to processing of your personal data

If you are uncomfortable with the ways in which we use your data, you have the option to have us delete it.

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

As indicated in our Privacy Policy referenced above, you have the right to lodge a complaint. To do so, please send an email to [email protected] from the email address associated with your account detailing your complaint. will work swiftly to address your complaint. You are free to file a complaint with a supervisory authority if we are unable to resolve your concern.

Automated decision making utilizes automated decision making for the purposes outlined in section 4.7 of our Privacy Policy. This type of automated decision making allows us to better provide our services to jobseekers and employers. Some examples of this include matching jobs to job seekers, recommending relevant jobs, and moderating our systems to maintain quality.

Further data requests

In the event that you choose to request additional copies of your data, may charge you a reasonable fee based on administrative costs where permitted by applicable law. is committed to your security and privacy. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].