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As described in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, we use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies for interest-based advertising, also known as targeted advertising and online behavioral advertising. This takes place from the Sites, when you download or install an Indeed App, and in some of our advertisements on third-party websites. These cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies allow us to display our promotional material to you on other sites you visit across the Internet and connect you with more Employers. We may also share information about your behavior on the Sites with third parties (including operators of third-party websites and/or social networking sites) in order to show you targeted advertisements and other content that has been customized for you. 

– Browser and Device Specific Controls

Your browser may provide you the option of blocking cookies, such as third-party cookies. Some browsers also give you the ability to review and manage cookies individually. We encourage you to review your browser’s settings and documentation for additional information on any controls your browser may offer and how they work. Please note, if you delete from your device or browser any cookie Indeed uses on our Sites, but do not set your browser or device to block third-party cookies, we may install the same cookie during a later visit. Some third-party cookies are also integral to the services we provide on our Sites. By blocking third-party cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all of the features available on our Sites.

– Interest-Based Advertising Opt-outs

You can also opt out of interest-based advertising across various platforms through tools such as the Digital Advertising Alliance’s YourAdChoices program tools (Your Ad Choices). Please note that Indeed and Glassdoor adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory principles for IBA. However, using the YourAdChoices tool may not opt you out of all interest-based advertising. It will only opt you out of those companies participating in the program. If you wish to opt out of all of Indeed’s targeted advertising, you may do so by changing your privacy settings.